The idea of a customer has been traditionally linked to the person purchasing a product or service. We offer them quality services and sell the best products we have. Often times these customers experience “the best” the company has to offer yet the company never experiences this first hand. In line with this, the company does not have a full grasp of the quality of service their customers experience. One way to break this wall between the customer and the company is to be the customer.

How is this possible? Our customers are not limited to the purchasers but in fact, each and every single person involved in the business. Yes you heard it right, we are also our customers. Our boss, our colleagues, our interns even Mr. Maintenance man is our customer, thus be treated with equal respect and etiquette.

Here’s a few tips on treating our customers right…

The 10 ft and 5 ft rule

From the article written by Dale Dyck entitled: In Search of Service -The rule of 10 & 5, he explained that “when a guest comes within ten (10) feet of a team member(s), the team member(s) should cease their conversation to acknowledge the approaching guest by making eye contact. At approximately five (5) feet team members should acknowledge the guest(s) with a warm greeting, whenever appropriate.” This is also applicable to our own officemates and colleagues at work. Acknowledging their presence at these distances is a good start for creating a positive company habit.

Speak Gently

No one can resist a sweet and gentle tone. It has a hypnotizing effect to the person being told similar to that of asking a favour. Imagine the culture of speaking gently to be internalized in your company’s culture. There would exist less conflicts and miscommunications and it would definitely contribute greatly to a positive working environment.

Never Forget to say “Thank you”

“Thank you!” A simple word of thanks could mean positive acknowledgement. Just like when customers say “thank you” upon receiving their orders or being helped, saying thank you to the people around you could mean you appreciate what they’ve done. Especially for non-frontline employees when there is limited interaction, you saying “thank you” could just probably make his/her day.

Treat Everyone nicely

According to an article written by Mark Moris: “Research shows that when we treat others nicely, our brains release endorphins, which make us happier. “ It’s actually a win-win situation when we treat someone nicely. Not only that the person treated nicely feels acknowledged, you also get to have a share of that happy feeling too. No matter what position in the company, it is courteous to treat everyone nicely no matter who or what they are.

Remember the Cues

Remembering the cues are those signals that precede an actual event. It helps to pay attention to details around you of what someone does when they are happy, upset or when they dislike the situation. You can also remember what makes them happy or upset. These could be very helpful situation to avoid conflicts when the situation heats up around the workplace and when there’s a need to cool down a dear friend. Just like when we remember the favourites of our customers, remembering the favourites of our officemates and offering it to them could be our way of helping them attract good vibes.

Be the Example

Lastly, be the example. There’s no way for a culture of positivity to be instilled into a company without first being practiced. More so to the management and leaders. According to an article written by Shep Hyken, “This (practicing great customer service) is especially important for management and leadership to show how it is done. If they don’t do it, you can’t expect others in the company to do it either.” The same burden goes to the employees and everyone around. After all, we all want the same positive experience our customers get.