Great customer service. This may have been an over-rated philosophy of every business all over the world but this practice is essential in attaining progress and success. More than pleasing your customers and satisfying their wants, customers service is a reflection of the business itself and its owners.

It can also say so much of a company’s culture. A front-door employee from Fairmont Southampton embodies this excellent culture as he greets every guest as “energetic and kindly as can be.” He greets and offers himself to the guest of all the services and help he could be and even beyond his scope.This act leaves a taste of good service and a great impression for the hotel management from the moment the guest steps in to the environment.

So why is investing in good customer service important? Good customer service attracts customers and makes them stay. Loyal customers become the market of the company, and requires less of an investment for acquiring new customers. Word of mouth from these loyal customers are free advertising and can boost sales, that’s a great bonus for the company!

Reaching new heights from effective customer service opens the possibility of expanding the business’ network. As more and more are interested with the company, expanding the network could bring opportunities for possible business partners who would like to engage with the company in new projects and investments. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, in it’s article: Impress Potential Investors in 12 steps, “Investors are extremely skeptical about a team’s ability to succeed.”

Proving a company’s worth through impressive credibility and responsive customer service assures a potential investor. Investors are also secured knowing that the business has a promising loyal customer volume that guarantees sales and profit.