What is a True Paperless Experience

Being a ‘Paperless Real Estate Agent’ means just that, you are not dealing with paper of any kind. From showings to the offer acceptance stage.

No paper, everything is done electronically…EVERYTHING. Our definition of being Paperless:

Being a paperless real estate Agent is having the ability to not only offer your clients a paperless experience in their real estate transaction but also utilizing technology to offer the same experience during the showing process. Transaction management, document storage, access to Forms from any device and electronic signatures are the 4 pillars of being truly paperless in your real estate business.

So based on the 4 pillars of being a paperless REALTOR®, let’s break PDF Expert down to see if it can offer that same experience.

PDF Expert in Comparison to the 4 Pillars of the Paperless Experience

Document Storage: Storing any document in a native app on any tablet is downright dangerous. Anyone that tells you otherwise doesn’t have a clue about how apps can crash, how operating systems can go bonkers or how Jennifer Lawrence had her iPhone hacked.

You should be backing your documents up in a cloud based system that you can access from anywhere in the world and from any device. At this point, with this kind of access, you are fully mobile.

repree vs PDF Expert Comparison Chart3

Access to Real Estate Forms: You should have the ability to grab any and every form that you need, from any device. If you are looking at a true mobile experience, having to access something like Webforms and downloading the doc you need to your computer is not offering you a fully mobile, paperless experience.

To be truly paperless you should had full on access to your real estate forms from the device that you choose to use in your business, whether it’s a tablet, a Phablet or a phone.

Transaction Management: The ability to track the entire process of your clients transaction from any device is a very important piece of the paperless puzzle. The solution you use should offer a secure server as well as an audit trail so that you know who signed and when. Being able to send the document automatically to the agent on the other end of the deal after your clients have signed eliminates a bunch of unnecessary steps.

Electronic Signatures: To offer a true paperless real estate experience to your clients you shouldn’t be forcing your people to have to print, sign, scan, email or fax the document back to you. That’s what you are doing with an app like PDF Expert. To be truly paperless and offer your clients the best experience, you should be allowing them to sign the documents from anywhere in the world off of any device they are using so long as they can get a connection. This is being truly paperless in your business.

Of course these pillars directly pertain to the entire transaction. If you want to go fully paperless watch the video on how to use Evernote as a Buyer’s Agent below.

Here is a list of Apps we also recommend:

  • JotNot Pro – Scan any document or deposit check with your phone
  • Photo to PDF – Agent send you a doc that is a jpg? Use this app to convert it to a PDF
  • Keynote – iPhone app will control the iPad app for your presentations
  • BombBomb – Send video emails to clients while you are on the go
  • Ink Cards – Send clients a hand written card direct from your cell phone