EDM, TMS and Electronic Signature

NEXONE Office Electronic Document Management (EDM) system provides an organized environment to brokerage administrators, staff and agents, unlimited storage, as well as an unlimited access to files and their associated documents. NEXONE’s EDM significantly reduces costs and increases productivity by archiving all of your documents quickly, legally and securely.

NEXONE’s Transaction Management System (TMS) is a web-based system that allows brokerages to efficiently manage deals and simplify real estate operations. From NEXONE’s transactions section, users can easily and efficiently manage all the steps of a deal.


Streamlining your office workflow will increase efficiency between your administration and agents.
  • Filing and integrated Back-Office
  • Accessibility and Reminders
  • File sharing and integrated Electronic Signing
  • Eliminate paper files
  • Ease of access to any documents
  • Improve your deal workflow
  • Electronic Deal Sheet
  • Full Accounting Solution

Accessibility and Reminders

Notifications and reminders for agents and administrative staff as important dates, like conditions and closing, approach.

Eliminate paper files

Electronic Submission of all documents stored in Compliance with your Council.

Ease of access to any documents

Web-Based solution meaning important information is available to you anytime, anywhere.

Electronic Deal Sheet

Capture all deal information including property information and commissions and seamlessly pass that information directly to Back Office Accounting.

Electronic Signing

Broker Sign off on deal files using NEXONE Sign electronic signing solution.

Full Accounting Solution

Everything you need to track your accounts, trust accounts and all other aspects of brokerage accounting.


NexOne Paperless Solutions is changing the way the Real Estate Industry does business. Take this opportunity to see how NexOne can transform your business for the better. Get started with your Free Trial now!