“To run an efficient team, you only need three people: a Hipster, a Hacker, and a Hustler.” – Rei Inamoto, Chief Creative Officer, AKQA

There are 3 different types of people who are needed to make up a business team. Hipsters, hackers and hustlers all play key roles in launching your startup. In this 3 part series, we’re going to introduce you each of these personalities, and why you need one on your team. This weeks blog is all about the hustler.

What is a Hustler

A business person who sells, strategizes and focuses on development is a hustler. Generally bumping heads with the hipster on how sell their beautiful design, but at the end of the day they make the numbers happen. A hustler is well connected in their industry and knows who to connect with to make things happen.

Who is a Hustler

Where can you find a hustler? Whichever industry you are in, there is always an expert who has been in the game for a long time and knows the industry inside and out. These people are well connected and can help elevate your business to a whole new level. They may have a business background in management, accounting, or even marketing and sales. One of the most well known hustlers would be Steve Jobs. He overlaps with being a hipster and a hacker, but he knows his product and business, and can sell it.

Are you a hustler?

Do you think with your left brain and get down to the facts and figures of a business?
Are you all about networking and building relationships
Do you ace presenting and pitching your business to investors

You might just be born to hustle if these describe you

Why you need a Hustler

Creating a beautifully designed product, interface, and website are important. However, if there is no one to sell your product, get your name out there and bring in investors, you won’t stay afloat for long. Even though hipsters and hustlers may clash ideas, a successful company needs a hustler.