Going green in your office may seem like a tough task, but anyone can go green. Here at Repree we do our best to go green and would like to share some of our secrets with you. We would say don’t tell, but this is a secret we want you to share around the water cooler.


We live in 2013, the age of digitization. New technologies are always emerging which allows companies to digitize at a low cost. By going digital you save money by reducing paper usage, printer supplies, storage, and overall office supplies. Instead of printing off memos for the office, email them out for everyone to get. Ditch your old day planner and switch to having an online schedule. This will help you stay in touch with your clients even when you are away from your desk. Check out our blog on cloud software and how it can help you digitize your office.

Repree is a program that can help you digitize your whole office. Calendar integration, client organization, document management, and eSignatures are all features offered by Repree that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Going digital lets you never forget a document at the office ever again.

Update mailing lists

What could be worse than sending out mail to customers who aren’t even reading it? Update your mailing list. Figure out who is and isn’t reading your promotional mail and trim down the list. This will save you in paper, postage, and even time. Even better, move any mail-outs you currently have to an email list. Having one list where you can easily send out your message to, will save you time, money and paper.

Pull the plug instead of standby

Just because your technology is turned off, or on standby, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t consuming energy. While your electronics are plugged in they are still consuming power because they are on standby mode. The best way to avoid this is to pull the plug when you leave the office. An easy way to do this is to plug all your electronics into a power bar, and at the end of the night just unplug the bar.

Natural Light

We all know what it’s like to sit in front of a computer screen all day. It’s hard on the eyes, and not the best way to spend your day. Open up those blinds, move your desk by the window, whatever you can do, just get that light inside. Taking advantage of the natural light available to you will help reduce the amount of energy you are using, by eliminating the need for artificial lighting. Not only will you be saving money, but you will also get that feeling of the warm sun while you work.

Go green, literally

What better way to go green then bringing the green indoors? Pick up your favorite plants and bring them straight to the office. It adds not only a personal touch but also a natural touch. Harmful airborne toxins that are indoors are also filtered by indoor plants. By bringing in your own plants you’re helping your indoor environment be cleaner and personal.

There are tons of ways to go green not only at work but also at home. We would love to hear ways that you’ve gone green at your office!