Four Ways to Use BombBomb Video Email in Your Real Estate Business

I have been on a tour of Ontario lately with the Ontario Real Estate Association Emerge conference and trade show. As you can see below (that’s me on the left), we are clearly having a blast on this tour, meeting a ton of Realtors┬« and imparting a lot of killer information.

Part of the talk I give on systemizing your business has to do with a video email provider called BombBomb.

For those of you that have never heard of BombBomb, they aren’t just a video email provider, they are so much more than that.

Within the BombBomb system you can create list’s (if you have attended one of my sessions at Emerge you are likely on one of those list’s), you can create video or text based drip campaigns, you can shoot video on the fly via their app and lastly you have the ability to track open and play rates either in the app or the online version.

BombBomb has become a very powerful part of my marketing and communication plan with my clients.

Video allows the user the ability, unlike text, to create some kind of affinity with their potential client prior to your appointment.

It gives you an opportunity to personalize the transaction that you are involved in with your clients. BombBomb also helps to solidify the relationships that you have with vendors that are involved in the transaction, through the power of video.

Look, one of the things I say in my presentations is “If you suck in real life, you are going to suck on video”[Tweet This]

So get over yourself pick up the camera/phone and start shooting. You can only get better from there!

Communication Breakdown

One of the biggest problems we have as Realtors┬« is communicating with our clients in a way that they want to be communicated with. Whether that is text, email, phone calls, it doesn’t matter…we drop the ball and we drop it often.

Video email can help you to change the way your are currently doing your business by systemizing some of that communication. They make it very easy to set up campaigns for your clients to shoot quick video updates to your clients as well.

I would be willing to bet your client would rather see and hear you talk about the market instead of reading a long and drawn out text based email. I know mine do.

Check out the video below, I give you what I got and how I have set up my system within the BombBomb platform to better serve my clients on a regular basis.