Objections in Real Estate are Common, Electronic Signatures are No Different

We all face different objections in our own fields of works. Maybe a bit more with real estate, however, there are ways of dealing with these objections and you might find – they weren’t problems to begin with.

Is it Legal?

At repree, we guarantee safe, legal electronic signatures. But don’t take our word for it. Electronic signatures have never been tried in Judicial Court; however, there is the Electronic Transaction Act that takes all the worry about of this concern. The Electronic Transaction Act allows electronic signatures to live and breathe in real estate transaction. Furthermore, RECA (Real Estate Conical Alberta) eliminates any distress surrounding electronic signatures when presented with one simple PDF. Read it for yourself, this PDF states: “The creation of the Electronic Transactions Act (ETA) is to ensure that electronic records and transactions have the same validity and enforceability as traditional paper-based transactions”.

www.reca.ca industry legislation information bulletins PDF Electronic Agreements.pdf

Is it Safe?

Anyone can go through your email if you leave it unattended and open on your computer. They will be able to open any email to check the contents, but no one will be able to complete your client’s repree transaction without the password in their head. Password protection will lead you to a lifetime worth of confidence in your online transactions. Email transactions are safe for both parties throughout the entire length of the process.

Is it Reliable?

There are many concerns with electronic signatures and security. When it comes to reliability, it can be guaranteed your documents will be safe and completely confidential between the client and the real estate agent. Electronic signatures move real estate out of the past, into the now, and catapult’s it into the future. No more fumbling with fax machines or wasting time driving to deliver documents.

Simple, Smart, Real Estate.