How to Create a Forms Template Within repree

Today we are going to break down not just how to utilize the template systems with the Forms inside of repree but we are also going to show you how this could be super efficient within your business by pulling out individual forms instead of the whole package.

Creating templates is going to save you a ton of time, there is no question about that, not having to search for each individual form takes a lot of the guesswork out of your day.

Building Templates repree

Now, when you save the template to the transaction, you can save individual forms into a PDF and send each one off for signing.

In the video below we use the example of a Buyer’s Agent who is working with their client and needs to get the Consumer Relationships Guide and the Exclusive Buyer Brokerage agreement signed. They are at the beginning stages of working together and aren’t in need of the purchase contract at this time.

Two great things about this system:

  1. The other forms will propagate all of the data that you input into the forms you need signed, into the other forms in the group
  2. You can pull what you need. You don’t need to save EVERY form to a PDF, pick what you need, save and sign.

Watch the Templates Video Below

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